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When The Juniper Trees Bore Fruit The Oregonian

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Herbert Lundy Staff Writer The Oregonian

By James Blakely as told to Herbert Lundy March 12 1939

Eyewitness account Most Famous Gunfight in History. 


By James Blakely as told to Herbert Lundy, staff writer for the Oregonian The Northwest's own Magazine Portland Oregon, March 12 1939

Blakey's account of the vigilante years of the early 1880's in old Crook Counties without a doubt the most important and the most credible in print. Blakey was a participant, and eye witness. it is curious that he had never publicly revealed the names of some of these outrageous characters until 1939, when he was 86 years old. And here he is yet reluctant, cautiously discretionary. But he does name names. Blakely reveals that he was an eyewitness to the most famous gunfight in history, the Hank Vaughn_Charley Long shootout. He debunks all the exaggerations that have attached themselves to the event.