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Diagram of the State of Illinois 1845

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Diagram of the State of Illinois.


  22 x 12.25 in (55.88 x 31.115 cm)    

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This is an 1845 Frederick R. Conway map of Illinois. The state has been platted into townships. The township was created as the measure of the Public Land Survey System, which was first widely implemented to survey the Northwest Ordinance, including Illinois. The Public Land Survey System allowed for the systematic surveying and mapping of any territory gained by the United States. Cities and towns are labeled, including Chicago, Hennepin, Peoria, Springfield, and Bloomington. Major rivers are illustrated and identified, with Lake Michigan filling the upper right.

This map was created by Frederick R. Conway for publication in a report to the U.S. Senate in 1845. Well represented institutionally.

Frederick Rector Conway (July 4, 1799 - December 16, 1874) was an American surveyor and cartographer. Born in Tennessee, Conway was one of seven brothers. He and his family moved from Tennessee to Missouri in 1818. Conway was appointed the Surveyor General of Illinois and Missouri at St. Louis on May 12, 1845 and was notified the following day. He was also known by another title, Surveyor of the Public Lands in the States of Illinois and Missouri.

Discover the bold and adventurous state of Illinois with this 1845 Frederick R. Conway map. Surveyed and mapped through the Public Land Survey System, this map reveals the townships that make up the state. From Chicago to Hennepin, Peoria to Bloomington, each city and town is labeled, including most notably the bustling city of Springfield. The major rivers and Lake Michigan are also featured, showcasing the state's natural beauty. Created for a report to the U.S. Senate, this map is a testament to the skill and expertise of surveyor and cartographer Frederick R. Conway. Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of history!